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The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (CCC) is a United States association of Catholic priests and deacons (i.e. members of the official Catholic Church hierarchy), with 600 members (according to their web site as of 2008-07-30). They have existed since at least 1999-09-29, when their domain name ( was originally registered. (According to AllAboutReligion, there are approximately 46,000 priests in the US, so CCC's membership – which includes deacons as well as priests – is less than 1.5% of the US priesthood.)

Their mission includes urging Catholics to influence legislators to work against gay marriage, and to vote for those who will do so.

They became involved in the 2008 sacred wafer scandal when they issued a statement condemning the Eucharist wafer desecration performed by PZ Myers and claiming that the US constitution not only does not provide freedom from religion but also protects religion from outside criticism.




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