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"Corruption is a general concept describing any organized, interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of the system's original purpose." [W]


Issuepedia's main interest in corruption has to do with the corruption of the tools and systems of governance, i.e. corruption of authority. This can be divided into two major categories: illegal corruption (bribery, extortion, etc.), and legal corruption (cronyism, nepotism, buying of influence).

Lessigian corruption is a specific subset of legal corruption, i.e. the legal buying of influence, typically via lobbyists.


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  • Wikipedia
  • Conservapedia: one-sentence article (as of 2008-03-02); specifically refers to the non-Lessigian variety (illegal)
  • dKosopedia: no equivalent article (as of 2008-03-02), though many references
  • SourceWatch: stub article and a substantial category listing (as of 2008-03-02)
  • Lessig Wiki: specifically about Lessigian corruption

Filed Links

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  • 2009-10-17 [Talk|Index] Goldman Can Spare You a Dime § “...most Americans know all too well that only the intervention of billions of dollars in taxpayer bailout money saved Goldman from the dire fate of its less well-connected competitors. The growing ranks of under-and-unemployed Americans, meanwhile, are waiting with increasing desperation for a recovery of their own.”
  • 2009-09-03 [Talk|Index] Democracy is Dead ... Lobbyists Rule America § “Lobbyists now run America, own America, rule America. Forget the 537 politicians you thought we elected to the White House, Senate and Congress to run America for us. No, they're mere puppets, pawns for the "Happy Conspiracy," an oligopoly, plutocracy, cabal, monopoly all in one...”
  • 2008-03-01 [Talk|Index] My Forbidden Fruits (and Vegetables) § “...national fruit and vegetable growers based in California, Florida and Texas fear competition from regional producers like myself. Through their control of Congressional delegations from those states, they have been able to virtually monopolize the country's fresh produce markets.”
  • 2007-12-20 [Talk|Index] "Angry Black Man" Does GOTV § [2]“The calls were extremely highly targeted, household by household, no message ever left on an answering machine. We wanted the message heard only by people whose reaction would be "I'm not voting for Holt because he uses scary black men to call my house."”
  • 2007-12-19 [Talk|Index] Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of Tapes § “At least four top White House lawyers took part in discussions with the Central Intelligence Agency between 2003 and 2005 about whether to destroy videotapes showing the secret interrogations of two operatives from Al Qaeda, according to current and former administration and intelligence officials.”