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Counter-totalitarianism refers to the idea of turning governmental totalitarian moves upside-down in a sort of ideological ju-jitsu so as to reduce the harm done to individuals and minimize (or reverse) the benefit to the power structure.


The Problem
(government action)
Possible Solution
Lists of "enemies", "suspects", "undesirables", etc. Everyone should write in and ask to be added to the list. Come up with as many justifications as possible.
Warrantless wiretapping Although this seems a threat on the surface, equal transparency ultimately benefits everyone – so let's help it out by recording all of our phone calls, encoding them in MP3 or OGG format, and sending them at regular intervals (via CD or email; whichever works) to the appropriate government office – and make a point of using the words "terror" and "bomb" a lot, discussing fictional plans to destroy various landmarks and so forth. Make sure free speech stays free by testing it regularly rather than depending on security by obscurity.