Courtney Geels

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Geels campaign poster in her front yard -- the heart-monitor chart graphic has become a symbol used by the forced birth movement


Courtney Geels is a conservoid candidate in the 2022 US House race for North Carolina District 4. She is a registered nurse and former Christian missionary.


Her positions are very much in aligntment with the current Republican Party line.

  • for the misnamed "right to life"
  • for "parents' rights" (the "right" of right-wing parents not to have their children educated about racism or LGBTQ+ people): education should be "free from political ideology"; "I stand against the teaching of CRT and Queer/Gender Theory in our schools."
  • "against the overreach of power from our federal government", aka "individual rights" (never mind where the federal government is trying to protect those rights against the overreach of certain states)
  • "medical freedom" (the right not to be vaccinated, not the right to get an abortion)
  • "secure borders"
  • A positive, perhaps: "I support funding for building and staffing more mental health facilities and decreasing the regulations necessary to keep these facilities open."


  • 2008-2012: BS in Nursing from Bob Jones University (program page @ BJU «“You’ll also benefit from the BJU Core, a unique combination of Bible and liberal arts courses taken by every BJU student. Bible courses, as well as daily chapel services and godly professors, will nurture your growth in Christlikeness.”»)