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  • 2006-05-17 [Talk|Index] The Other Foe of Free Enterprise § “Few market systems have been permanently ruined by proletarian or peasant uprisings. A great many, on the other hand, have been destroyed by another nemesis of free enterprise... aristocratism.”
  • 2006-04-20 [Talk|Index] The Grand American Consensus § “Both libertarians and anarcho-socialists might agree upon a vague, distant goal, and further agree that contemporary American culture is decadent, corrupt, and requiring desperate surgery if that ideal tomorrow is ever to be reached, but they disagree over the nature of the operation needed. Meanwhile, a third point of view – again sharing the same notion of utopia – suggests that radical intervention may be the last thing that's needed.”
  • 2006-03-12 [Talk|Index] The Ultimate Goal § A single question for determining someone's political ideology: “If you had your way, and your revolution succeeded, what would the world of your great-grandchildren be like, in a hundred or two hundred or a thousand years?”
  • 2006-02-18 [Talk|Index] Models, Maps and Visions of Tomorrow § “Most libertarians know - far better than others - that the hoary old left-right political spectrum is worse than useless. Alas, some of the “better alternatives” only serve to muddy the waters. Here, scientist and science fiction author David Brin suggests a few new models that may be helpful... if taken with a grain of salt.”