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David Harris is running for City Council in Durham, NC in the 2007-10-09 elections.

Harris is President of the InterNeighborhood Council (a traditional base for stepping up to City leadership), past co-facilitator of Durham's PAC 2, and past president of the Old Farm Neighborhood Association.



Durham People's Alliance, aka PA PAC, said in a mailed flyer received 2007-09-27:

David Harris's record of service and community involvement speaks for itself. He is the current president of the InterNeighborhood Council. For years, on any given night of the week, David has been in living rooms and fellowship halls all over Durham working with neighborhoods on a host of issues from zoning to trash collection to crime. he is a leader in the City's Partners Against Crime program. He was one of the early proponents in the city's innovative citizen Observer Patrol. David has developed personal relationships with police personnel at all levels and his candidacy promises a progressive response to crime and law enforcement.

He will also advocate better fiscal management of city resources and effective growth policies based on an inclusive approach to the planning process. When it comes to the issues important to PA, David walks the walk and deserves our support.