Diane Catotti

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Diane Catotti is running for re-election to City Council in Durham, NC in the 2007-10-09 elections.



Durham People's Alliance, aka PA PAC, said in a mailed flyer received 2007-09-27:

Incumbent Diane Catotti is undoubtedly the most progressive person on council and her success in obtaining support from across the political and diversity spectrum of Durham is a testimony not only to her progressive principles, but to her independent spirit. We admire her sense of duty to the citizens of Durham. She is one of our most dedicated, effective, and responsive council members. Diane is a practical, results-oriented progressive. She does her homework and is at city hall nearly every day of the week. She will continue to provide leadership in support of affordable housing, reasonable land use and planning, environmental sustainability, effective fiscal management and accountability, and expanded opportunities for our youth. Because Diane is a former President of the Durham People's Alliance, we take a great deal of pride in her accomplishments and say that "we knew her when..." We want her to lead the ticket and continue to provide true progressive leadership for Durham.