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The elections to be held on 2007-11-06 in Durham, NC include the Mayoral election and a number of bond issues.

Mayoral Election


  • There is now a flyer with details about the bonds
    • Total of $207.1 million being considered
  • The Durham Public Schools web site has a section about the school construction bond: DPS Construction
    • They apparently also have information about previous school construction bonds in 2003 and 2001
  • Another source gave this summary, which seems inconsistent with what the flyer says:
    • city $20 million street and sidewalk bond
    • county $210 million bond package for schools and other facilities



Durham People's Alliance aka PA PAC (web site, endorsements) supports:

  • All bonds, with the following caveat: "We are concerned about the city's increasingly routine procedure of using bonds to fund ordinary maintenance, and using the budgetary process to pay for seemingly special projects, but until this situation gets rectified and there are other mechanisms in place to generate revenues, we support these bond issues. Fortunately, the stellar fiscal ratings of our city and county governments means that this indebtedness can be assumed with a minimum impact on our taxes."
  • Bill Bell over Thomas Stith

Campaign Literature