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People with whom Elon Musk has had business associations in the past:

  • Adeo Ressi - while in college, Musk and Ressi ran a party house together that was sufficiently profitable to pay their college tuition
  • Eric Jackson - former PayPal VP - later founded WorldNetDaily's book-publishing arm, which released the children's tale Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed.
  • Martin Eberhard - former CEO and co-founder of Tesla Motors
  • Peter Thiel - founder of Confinity, which later merged with X.com (co-founded by Musk) to become PayPal
    • Together, Musk and Thiel also bankrolled Thank You for Smoking a "satirical film, which follows a sleazy lobbyist's battle against anti-smoking campaigns, also subtly delivers Big Tobacco's favorite libertarian talking point: that smoking is a matter of personal choice."
  • Rod Martin - former counsel for PayPal who went on to try to start a conservative version of MoveOn

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