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This was transcribed from here, which brought Firefox to a screeching halt when I tried to view it. I used wget to download the page, and extracted the following with a text editor. --Woozle 20:33, 19 June 2009 (UTC)


The link to this page bears the name "Background." That might give the impression that this page is used to impress the readers with all my academic achievements, which qualify me to undertake the tasks at hand. Traditionally a web page that bears such a title serves as the documentation of awards, certificates, degrees, and recogniton the author(or mission director) has received from various individuals, institutions, organizations, and individuals. Surely a man, who has taken on the challenge of writing The Five Books of Emmanuel and thereby lay the foundation for the development of a new system of education, must have a long list of Ph. D's, Master's Degrees, and Bachelor's Dgrees to his credit. Furthermore, what fool would take on the challenge of restoting African divinity and thereby lay the foundation for re-establishing the equality of the Black race on earth without a long list of world recognized academic achievements? Sabbath Day school is being developed to enhance the educational experiences of the not so complex minds of children. It simply combines both spiritual and academic education of children as one single educational process instead of two separte processes--spiritual education being the education of man's soul, and academic education being the education of the human mind. Traditionally it has been thought that even such a simple task requires an extensive background in the European acquisition and use of knowledge and only a fool would think otherwise. Without shame or any feeling of hopelessness, I confess to being such a fool. I'm indeed foolish enough to think that at least a few will overcome the ungodly philosophy of white supremacy that reigns on earth and is perpuated and sustained through the European system of education. Many shall be called but only a few will ever be chosen.

Now that I've confessed to being what many might consider to be a fool, the statement must now be qualified. Through the "Mis-Education of The Negroe," the European slave masters have managed to remove the shackles from the wrists and ankles of their slaves and placed them on their minds and very souls. If desiring to break those shackles made me a fool, then I can accept being a fool with great pride. I would much rather be a fool than a slave many day. Because I would rather be a fool than a slave, I foolishly place hope in laying the foundation for the development of a new educational system called the Morning Star, the educational system of New Jerusalem. Only through a divine educational system that comes down out of heaven from God does this fool have of laying the foundation that will empower his children to become the masters of their own fate and destiny. If desiring to see my children become the masters of their own fate and destiny rather than being eternally bound to having the European slave master control their fate and destiny makes me a fool, I will go to my grave as a very happy fool. I will go to my grave knowing that I have laid the foundation upon which my children will be free from the ungodly philosophy of white suprmacy through which European culture unjustly and unrighteously reign on earth. I will go to my grave knowing that I have finished the works my Heavenly Father and his Christ gave this fool to do.

Most educated Black people (or perhaps I should say most mis-educated negroes) freely and voluntarily make themselves slaves to the European culture of their European slave masters. This they do as though they themselves are actually convinced that they come from an inferior race that has no other hope but to freely and voluntarily be slaves. I've have always found that to be a complete shame and disgrace to everything I associate with being a real man. I have never accepted the premise that I was hopelessly born to be a slave to those who enslaved my African ancestors. I cherrished the idea of being a real man and be willing bear all the suffering that goes with being a real man in a world where European culture does all in its power to destroy any and all forms of true Black manhood. Through out my entire adult life, I have always believed the there is nothing greater in all Creation than a man God created to be free.