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A euphemism is a word or phrase which is used to avoid the unpleasant associations of a more literal or accurate word or phrase.

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The List, by term

  • cognitively challenged: stupid
  • faith-based (Bush-Cheney administration): requiring no rational justification; current policy
  • politically correct (mostly a liberal/academic usage, now somewhat out of favor and used largely in jest): in line with our favored ideology
  • politically incorrect (same usage as "politically correct"): racist, sexist, or discriminatory against any favored minority
  • reality-based (Bush-Cheney administration): not in line with our current policy
  • truth enhancement: lying

The List, by definition

  • agreeing with our opinion: "politically correct", "faith-based"
  • contrary to our opinion: "politically incorrect", "reality-based"
  • lying: truth enhancement
  • stupid: cognitively challenged


  • vertically challenged: short