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Evolution is the idea that the nature of a species can change irreversibly (evolve) over time – a fact which can be directly observed over human timescales, especially in lower life-forms such as bacteria.

The word "evolution" is often used to refer to the scientific theory of evolution by natural selection.


We probabaly need to check our terms here. Does evolution include speciation, or is that a separate concept? Has speciation been observed in human timescales? Does any form of anti-Darwinism actually claim that there isn't evolutionary change within a species over time? -W.

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  • 2008-02-20 [Talk|Index] Gene studies confirm "out of Africa" theories § [2]“Two big genetic studies confirm theories that modern humans evolved in Africa and then migrated through Europe and Asia to reach the Pacific and Americas. .. The two studies also show that Africans have the most diverse DNA, and the fewest potentially harmful genetic mutations. .. One of the studies shows European-Americans have more small mutations, while the others show Native Americans, Polynesians and others who populated Australia and Oceania have more big genetic changes.”



Notes for an eventual page attempting to exhaustively document the extensive interlocking evidence for evolution (and evidence of human origins) and the age of the Earth: