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Farad Ali ran for Durham City Council in the 2007 Durham City Council election.



The following is copied from a "Farad Ali for City Council" postcard (paid for by the Committee to Elect Farad Ali for City Council) received in the mail 2007-10-25 (postcard copy in bold, our comments in plain text):

  • Farad Ali received the highest number of votes among any candidate not currently holding a seat on city council
  • Farad Ali was voted among the top three preferred candidates, overall, coming in only after the incumbents
  • Farad Ali was first, second, or third place finish in the majority of voting precincts across all of Durham
    • presumably this refers to Ali'showing in the primary
  • Farad Ali was voted #1 in 85% of Durham's African-American majority precincts

None of these items actually tell you anything about Ali's views, history, etc., but his web site (the postcard includes a link) is substantial and does give some specific information in a number of areas.

Farad Ali said, on the same postcard (links added):

My aim as city council is not to represent a particular political party, but rather to represent the best interests of the citizens of Durham. It is why I made the choice to run as an unaffiliated candidate.

Being unaffiliated is a reflection of my ability to work with everyone... Democrat or Republican.