Gender prescriptivism

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Gender prescriptivism is the practice of assigning required behaviors (typically "traditional" gender roles) to a gender, typically the two binary genders (male and female).


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I hate getting my period. It's uncomfortable and messy. [...] Yet there are feminists telling me that I'm just brainwashed by the Patriarchy into hating this "natural process of womanhood." Gag me. I think I can decide that being doubled over from cramps is something I'd prefer to avoid without The Man telling me so. Then the MSM goes on about how women not getting periods somehow makes us into men.


Gender roles are arbitrary constructs. Society enforces gender roles by calling women who dare aim to be CEO or even President "ball-busters," by calling men who dare to express sadness or love "homos," through the subtle implications that women who would rather not have children are somehow unnatural (but it's A-OK for men not to want children, and in fact is the construct placed on men) or that women who enjoy sex are harlots (but men who do are studs).

Feminists seek to smash these arbitrary constructs so that a person, regardless of genotype, can choose to be a CEO or a nurse or a stay-home parent, without society telling them it's unnatural. This is why I'm a feminist.