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Attributes most commonly assigned to the family resemblance category "God" include the following:

  • God's mortality (is God still around, still active?)
  • God's omniscience (does God know everything, or are God's perceptions limited?)
  • God's omnipresence (is God everywhere at once, or does God have a specific location?)
  • God's omnipotence (can God do anything? If he can do "anything" can he violate the laws of logic as well as physics, e.g. "Can God make a stone so heavy that he can't lift it, and then lift it?")
  • God's gender (is God a He, She, or It?)
  • The nature of God's historical interaction with humans (which of the stories about God are true, which are true-in-spirit as parables, and which are myths or distortions? Does God have a personality, and if so what is it like?)
  • The nature of God's current interaction with humans (is God "still speaking", as some churches believe? Can individuals talk directly to God?)
    • The importance of humans from God's perspective (Does God care about humanity? If so, does God care about us as individuals, or just as a species?)
    • Does God have specific wishes for humans?
      • Does God punish those who do not obey God's wishes?