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Greystone Limited is a subsidiary of Blackwater. According to Wikipedia on 2014-05-04:

In 2010, Greystone was acquired by current management. Greystone now operates as a standalone, management owned provider of protective support services and training.

A private security service, Greystone is registered in Barbados, and employs soldiers for off-shore security work through its affiliate Satelles Solutions, Inc. Their web site advertises their ability to provide "personnel from the best militaries throughout the world" for worldwide deployment. Tasks can be from very small scale up major operations to "facilitate large scale stability operations requiring large numbers of people to assist in securing a region".

Erik Prince intended Greystone to be used for peacekeeping missions in areas like Darfur where military operations would need to take place to establish peace.

Greystone had planned to open a training facility on the former grounds of the Subic Bay U.S. Naval Base [W], but those plans were later abandoned.



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