Intellectual honesty

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Intellectual honesty is a form of honesty. At a minimum, it requires both of the following:

  • being honest to others about your thinking (e.g. your real reasons for holding a particular position)
  • being honest with yourself about what the available evidence indicates

It is possible to be honest without being intellectually honest.



  • Wikipedia
  • Conservapedia defines it as "willingness to advocate positions one knows to be correct, even when expression of those positions is unpopular or could lead to negative consequences for the expresser" -- which is one consequence, but not the whole thing.
  • dKosopedia no information as of 2010-10-16
  • RationalWiki



  • 2011-01-19 [L..T] Fuller Memorial Presbyterian / Durham Rescue Mission “Plans submitted to the City / County Planning department with the rezoning demonstrated several worrisome elements to neighbors. The scale had grown considerably from the single multipurpose building discussed in previous years; it now stretched over portions of five city blocks, involved the demolition of 9 houses in historic district, and contemplated the closing of two streets, creating a fenced/gated facility stretching over three blocks.”