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Internet governance is, in short, the idea that the internet could be a substrate upon which a new (and improved, from the citizens' perspective) form of government might be built. It can also refer to using the internet as a tool for incremental improvement of existing government, a process which is already well underway in most developed countries.

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  • CrisisWiki: "an editable directory of resources related to disasters and crises around the world." (found 2010-05-01)
  • Local Government Asset Management "to promote collaboration between Australian Local Government asset management managers & practitioners." Content is Creative Commons licensed.
  • Politicopia Utah "Democracy will be revolutionized in the next decade by the Internet. If the community pushes Politicopia in the right direction, it might have a place in that revolution and might help people grab the information and organization they need to take control of their government, like we've wanted to do since, well, probably since we captured fire." [1]
    • 2008-01-15 Zaah Technologies Rescues America from itself: a relevant post... Zaah's web site doesn't make it clear what the status of the ORGware software is, or even whether it will be open-source or proprietary. This seems to be ORGware's official site, and it is even less informative. (Most of the header links don't even work.) Just give me the damn software already, and stop yammering about how wonderful it is...