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fr:Issuepedia:PromotionThis is a rough translation of the equivalent page on French Issuepedia, retrieved 2008-12-28.

The promotion of Issuepedia makes it a more useful resource.

Use Comments

One way of promoting Issuepedia is to write in comments on the internet news sites. Write a short text which includes a link to an Issuepedia article on the subject.

See, for example

These comments will help familiarize readers with Issuepedia and increase the likelihood that an Issuepedia page will appear in search results.

So every time you write an article on Issuepedia, you can take advantage of this to publicize Issuepedia thusly:

  1. Find (on "Google News" for example) a current issue or event which relates to an existing Issuepedia article
  2. Find a web site carrying the story which allows you to comment on it
  3. Insert a comment (summary of the Issuepedia article for example) with a link to the Issuepedia article

Most comments are checked before posting, so it is possible that your comment will not accepted (that's the risk).