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The non-spatial thinking process theory (NTSP) is a pseudo-theory apparently created by Kedar Joshi. An explanation of the theory reads:

In its philosophical attempt to explain quantum non-locality, the NSTP theory, originated by Kedar Joshi, introduces a metaphysics that is both semi-idealistic and semi-dualistic. The idealistic framework, explaining quantum non-locality, represents idea of superhuman intelligence responsible for the empirical order in the universe, e.g. gravity, quantum non-locality, etc. This idea of non-spatial superhuman intelligence closely resembles Berkeley's God. Also, the superhuman intelligence is a supernatural representation of the intelligent design of the (material) universe. The theory further conjectures a possibility of a realistic framework, the framework in which the phenomena like quantum non-locality, the phenomena which no spatial mechanical framework can supposedly explain, do not exist. The inclusion of this (mere) possibility ultimately makes the idealistic framework semi-idealistic and the dualistic framework semi-dualistic.


This theory shows no coherent flow of reason or logic and is indistinguishable from spamosophy, although it was probably written by a human.


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