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For now, Issuepedia's official policy will be that any topic is allowed, within reason. (The editors reserve the right to decide what is unreasonable, and to move, delete, edit, etc. as they determine necessary.)

Topics we are mainly interested in are:

  • issues of policy – we're currently focusing on global and United States issues, but we are interested in putting the technology to use for discussing issues of much smaller scope, e.g. town or school. Discussion of issues on that scope is welcome here, and we will be happy to work with those involved towards the end of making the venue more conducive to that level of discussion.
  • issues of philosophy and belief, which often are the force behind much political discussion (this can include involved discussions of religious doctrine, where such discussion seems relevant to deciding real-world issues)
  • issues of discourse, i.e. ways to successfully resolve issues, how discussions can go astray, how they are often manipulated, how to prevent manipulation, etc.

Topics we are less interested in are things relating primarily to aesthetics, e.g. entertainment, fashion, etc. There is some crossover in that examples from fiction can often illustrate significant points.

If you aren't sure whether your topic is relevant, go ahead – be bold and post it: we won't censure anyone for merely making a bad guess!