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John Fetterman is the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania's Senate seat in the 2022 election.



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  • ConservapediaConservapedia is an unreliable source. «also known as Uncle Fester, is the current lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania who was elected in 2019 just prior to a culture of massive systemic election rigging and fraud in the state was exposed nationally. A far-left Democrat and Democrat Senate candidate for 2022 Midterm election, he was previously the mayor of Braddock for fourteen years. Fetterman is an open advocate for the anti-American, totalitarian Nazi-style censorship of free speech on social media. Fetterman is a racist who threatened a Black man with a shotgun in 2013 and said he never regretted it. John Fetterman is married to an illegal immigrant from Brazil.» These sentences contain many misrepresentations of reality.
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