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9/11: 9/11 anomalies: Loose Change


Loose Change is a documentary covering many of the objections to the official story of 9/11. Unfortunately, it also covers many points which are considered to be weak or irrelevant, while failing to cover some that many consider to be the most crucial or convincing evidence.

It should not be taken as representing a summary of reasonable objections to the official story of 9/11, at least not without further reading.


There have been multiple versions of the film, with modifications both for the purpose of improving the points and arguments presented as well as in response to at least one copyright infringement notification.

  • Loose Change (April 2005)
  • Loose Change: 2nd Edition (December 2005)
  • Loose Change: 2nd Edition Recut (June 2006)
  • Loose Change Final Cut (November 2007)
  • Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (to be released 2009-09-22)





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version 2

  • 2008-10-15 [Talk|Index] Conspiracy's Uncanny Valley § “My guess is that standard stories about events like 9-11 are quite wrong about one time in a hundred or thousand, and that due to mole effects they are probably wrong more often on the very largest events. Loose Change being surprisingly persuasive then had me estimating about a one in ten to thirty chance....”