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This page is for discussions of the relative merits of the two major-party candidates for the 2008 US presidential race, John McCain and Barack Obama, and their respective vice presidents Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

Objections to McCain

See John McCain/objections

Objections to Obama

The only serious objections to Obama apply far more intensely to McCain:

  • Overtly religious (Christian), and has been known to pander to a religious audience – but at least does not seem to be a literalist in his beliefs; McCain, though, is far more overtly religious, and has ties to a number of Christofascists, most notably John Hagee
  • Voted for the FISA bill containing immunity for the telecomm companies (who illegally collaborated with George Bush in warrantless eavesdropping on Americans), despite having pledged to filibuster it – but McCain is far less likely to support the US Constitution over the Holy War on Terror.

For other objections which are easily refuted (or that make no sense but seem to be popular), see Barack Obama.



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