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There is much argument around the idea that people won't support pure M4A, therefore we shouldn't elect someone who is proposing it.


  • 2019-07-25 Medicare For All Isn’t That Popular — Even Among Democrats
    • 64% of Dems favor Pure M4A, which is actually pretty popular
    • 90% of Dems favor M4A Option
    • 46% of Republicans favor M4A Option
  • 2019-02-07 Poll: Most Americans want universal healthcare but don't want to abolish private insurance
    • 13% would prefer a health care system that covers all citizens and doesn't allow for private plans, an approach that is sometimes referred to as "single-payer."
    • 32% would prefer a universal, government-operated system that also would allow people to buy private, supplemental insurance.
    • 26% would prefer a government insurance plan offered to all citizens, but where private plans are still an option (a system sometimes called a "public option.")
    • 15% would prefer the government to completely remove itself from paying for health care
    • 14% would prefer to keep the existing health care system intact
  • 2018-12-27 Most Americans Still Rate Their Healthcare Quite Positively
    • Shortcomings with regard to this discussion:
      • Does not compare opinions of current healthcare vs. universal
      • Implicitly does not include uninsured people