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In Europe, the idea of multiculturalism seems to have been politically distorted into a set of claims and beliefs. There is a popular perception that:

  • If someone of western cultural background is in a dispute with someone of non-western background, authority will always side with the non-westerner
  • Any objection that this is unfair will be described by the authorities as racism, bigotry, intolerance, and so forth.
  • If one voices such objections, one will not only be socially ostracized but also risk losing your job and may be required to undergo "sensitivity training" or psychiatric therapy.

These claims are generally undocumented, but they seem to arise a great deal in personal conversations.


One significant factor in the success of this meme appears to be liberal guilt about the West's history of conquest and imperialism; in the more eastern parts of Europe, which were not as involved with western imperialism, the meme has not been as successful.