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Nicholas Lewis (aka Nic Lewis) is a semiretired successful financier from Bath, England who appears to be among the "climate change de-emphasis" crowd -- not really a denier, since he accepts CO2 warming; he believes, however, that mainstream models overstate its influence.




  • 2014/10/09 [L..T] The Global Warming Statistical Meltdown "A growing body of evidence suggests that the climate is less sensitive to increases in carbon-dioxide emissions than policy makers generally assume..."
  • 2014/10/06 [L..T] Climate response estimates from Lewis & Curry "While of some scientific interest, the impact for real-world mitigation policy of the range of conceivable values for the TCR is small (see also this discussion in Sci. Am.). For targets like the 2 K guide-rail, a TCR on the lower end of the Lewis and Curry and IPCC ranges might just be the difference between a achievable rate of emissions reduction and an impossible one..."