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The North American Union is a hypothetical union created by the combining of the governments of Canada, the United States, and Mexico in a fashion similar to the European Union. It would include combining of the three nations' military forces and the creation of a single currency, typically referred to as the Amero.

The US government has persistently denied that it has any plans to do this, but the rumors continue – possibly more due to the extreme untrustworthiness of the Bush II administration than any hard data.

It is not clear what all the costs and benefits of such a union would be, though the implication of the rumor is clear that a few well-placed people would stand to benefit while the majority of Americans would suffer. (It is unknown how Mexicans feel about this idea, though Canadians presumably are already sufficiently fed up with being thought of as a 51st state that they would be against it, overall.)



  • Wikipedia
  • ConservapediaConservapedia is an unreliable source. seems to take it seriously, and posts information which contradicts the site's "myths" page
  • dKosopedia describes the union as "potential" and lists some related congressional bills
  • SourceWatch has a huge collection of related links


  • Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America: this is not a North American Union. "The SPP is not an agreement nor is it a treaty. In fact, no agreement was ever signed. It does not change our courts or legislative processes and respects the sovereignty of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The SPP in no way, shape or form considers the creation of a European Union-like structure or a common currency. The SPP does not attempt to modify our sovereignty or currency or change the American system of government designed by our Founding Fathers."

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  • "is an informational website" whose goal is "to inform Citizens of all three nations addressed herein, to maintain the sovereignty of each and all." It may be largely intended to drive sales of the "Amero" collector coins sold on the site, or the sale of those coins may be intended to fund actual legitimate research and reporting posted on the site. The jury is out at this point...