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This property contains the text summary of a referenced item, for display within lists or trees. It may contain wikicode, although square brackets do not seem to work when using the [[property::value]] syntax; use the {{#set:property=value}} syntax instead.

Type="Text" is usable but not quite right. Wikicode displays correctly in the footer of the page using this property, but displays in raw form on the property page's listing of pages using it.

Type="String" seems to be identical, except that it has a 255-character length restriction (which isn't likely to be a problem, but doesn't confer any useful advantages for this property).

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" The [[Russia]]n government has just threatened to end [[US/relations/Russia|cooperation with]] [[US|America]] on major [[space exploration|space]] projects, including maintenance of the GPS system. The policy will also prevent [[US/gov/NASA|NASA]] from accessing the [[International Space Station]] from 2020, as well as blocking the supply of components for America's Atlas V rockets, which are currently vital for sending military and commercial satellites into space."  +
"''[[New York Times|NYT]]'' violates standards of basic economics and journalistic procedures in reporting on [[Venezuela]] inflation"  +
"''[[Washington Post]]'' columnist [[George Will]] doesn't believe the statistic that [ one in five women] is [[sexual assault|sexually assaulted]] while in college. Instead he believes that [[liberal]]s, [[feminist]]s and other nefarious forces have conspired to turn being a rape survivor into a "[ coveted status that confers privileges]." As a result of this plot, "victims proliferate," Will wrote in a weekend editorial that ran in the ''[[Washington Post]]'' and ''[[New York Post]]''."  +
"... it's impossible for me to write fiction set in the near future of [[Scotland]] until after we've navigated the political white water ahead: the referendum in September 2014, the general election in June 2015, and (optionally) the further [[UK]] referendum in 2016/17. Truly, we're living through the dog days of Schroedinger's Republic; and it's anybody's guess which state the wave function will finally collapse into."  +
"... we found that the data doesn't appear to support the persistent [[US film industry|Hollywood]] belief that films featuring women do worse at the box office. Instead, we found evidence that films that feature meaningful interactions between women may in fact have a better return on investment, overall, than films that don't."  +
" one of those rare [[global warming/skepticism|contrarian climate scientists]], [[Roy Spencer|Spencer]] is in a good position to present the best arguments against the [[global warming]] consensus. Conveniently, he recently did just that on his blog, listing what he considers the "[ Top Ten Good Skeptical Arguments]," throwing in an 11th for good measure. He also conveniently posed each of these arguments as questions; it turns out they're all easy to [[global warming/denial/rebuttal|answer]]."  +
" youth are [ far more likely] to be suspended from school than any other race. They also face disproportionate expulsion and arrest rates, and once children enter the juvenile justice system they are far more likely to be incarcerated as adults."  +
" 1985 American [[wikipedia:Lisa Rainsberger|Lisa Larsen Weidenbach]] won the [[Boston Marathon]]. Does her win [[erasure of women|not really count because she is a woman]]?"  +
" only quibble would be with that “now”. You’d have to define "now" as a window of time that encompasses the entirety of my training and work in developmental biology, and I’m getting to be kind of an old guy. Differences in sex development (DSDs) are common knowledge, and rather routine – and coincidentally, I’m giving an exam on sex chromosome anomalies today."  +
" company stands out in its perceived civil disobedience lawsuit fighting the government mandate to give employees access to birth control coverage. Citing violation of religious beliefs, the owners of [[Hobby Lobby]], the David Green family, doesn't want to provide access to birth control they think will induce abortion, although according to Tulsa World they have covered other forms of birth control in the past."  +
"...since [[9/11]], [[extremist]]s affiliated with a variety of far-[[right wing]] ideologies, including [[white supremacists]], [[anti-abortion]] extremists and [[anti-government]] militants, have killed more people in the United States than have extremists motivated by al Qaeda's ideology."  +
"...their advocacy of "[[Abiogenic oil|abiotic theory]]" has many dismissing them as heretics, frauds, or idealists. They hold that oil can be derived from hydrocarbons that existed eons ago in massive pools deep within the earth's core. That source of hydrocarbons seeps up through the earth's layers and slowly replenishes oil sources. In other words, it turns the fossil-fuel paradigm upside down."  +
"...there are additional threats facing the [[Great Barrier reef]]. Earlier this year, a University of Queensland report indicated that the reef [ will not be able to recover from "irreversible" damage] caused by [[global warming|climate change]]."  +
"...this report points out the need to make progress in cover for situations of social exclusion and need. It also makes clear that wide-reaching protective cover (such as [[Spain]]'s) for situations of need is not enough if unaccompanied by quality services or enhanced protective intensity with a view to surmounting the situation of relative poverty. Nor is it sufficient if unaccompanied by real opportunities to enter the labour market."  +
"...we also know that [[capitalism]] goes through periods in which [[economic disparity|economic inequality]] is more extreme and less so. So what kind of moment are we looking at now? What is the shape and contour of [[economic disparity/US|inequality in the U.S.]] today, six years after the recession that cratered in 2008?"  +
"A 1500-year-old [[bible]] has been discovered in [[Turkey]]. Discovered in 2000, the book that contains purportedly the [[Gospel of Barnabas]] has been transferred by the Turkish government to the Ethnography Museum of Ankara with a police escort. Barnabas was a disciple of [[Jesus Christ|Christ]], and in the work, claims that Jesus was not crucified, instead it says he ascended to heaven alive and Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place. Furthermore, the 1500-year-old bible states that Jesus Christ was not the son of [[God]], but simply a prophet who passed on the word of God."  +
"A [[Christianity|Christian]] ministry in [[US/AL|Alabama]] said this week that it would remove a billboard with a quote by [[Adolf Hitler]] that it had used to promote its work with children."  +
"A [[International Union of Muslim Scholars|leading Islamic organisation]] has called on the [[United Nations]] to make "contempt of religions" illegal and urged the West to protect Muslim communities following the [[Charlie Hebdo/2015 shooting|attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo]]."  +
"A [[Santa Ana School Police Department]] officer is at the center of controversy after a concerned citizen, [ Elvia Fernández], filmed him [[police brutality|putting a crying young boy in a chokehold]]."  +
"A [[Shell Oil|Shell]] oil-drilling ship was being moved to [[tax evasion|avoid Alaska state taxes]] when, on New Year's Eve 2012, it broke loose from its tow line in a wild Gulf of Alaska storm and ran aground on Sitkalidak Island, according to a U.S. Coast Guard investigation."  +

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