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Protec Documentation Services Inc. is, according to its web site:

...recognized as a global leader in the field of Vibration Prediction, Monitoring, and Structure Inspections.

For over 30 years, Protec personnel have studied the effects of vibrations on structures as related to construction, demolition and blasting operations. From the world's largest building implosions to the smallest road-reconstruction jobs, Protec has performed critical documentation and vibration monitoring services on thousands of domestic and international projects. Beyond addressing potential damage claims, each program is specifically designed to maximize project efficiency and document regulatory compliance, thereby strengthening the client's reputation and mitigating insurance costs.


  Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
     Blanchard, Brent  brentbspam@spamprotecservicesspam.spamcom
     151 Algonquin Trail
     Medford Lakes, NJ 08055
     609-654-6333 fax: 999 999 9999

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This would imply that they have been in business since at least 1998.

The street address given is not one of the offices listed on their contact page.