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Right-wing thinking, to the extent that it could be described as such, is dominated by a their belief in the need to establish and maintain a hierarchy of power. As such, egalitarian ideas like "honesty" and "justice" are only relevant to the extent that they can be used as tools for maintaining or building such power, typically by dishonestly appealing to them as goals.

Those of a right-wing mindset therefore see nothing wrong in lying in order to get what they want, leading to the vast array of rhetorical deceptions employed in the promotion of their causes. Lying for personal gain is, to them, just how the game is played, and trusting someone who turns out to have been lying to you only reflects badly on the liar if they are caught before getting the payoff for which they were lying. Rather than being seen as a virtue, trust is therefore a form of weakness, only to be employed to the extent that there is no other choice.

Overall strategies include:

  • performative leftism: some flavors of right-winger will appear to support social progress as a way of building credibility for their regressive agenda