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see also insanity



Alternatives for "stupid", "idiotic", "lame": We haven't come up with any good general replacements yet. Narrower replacements include:

  • absurd
  • bullocks
  • daft
  • fatuous
  • inane
  • malicious
  • negligent
  • oblivious
  • pathetic (might be problematic in that it discourages basic empathy)
  • preposterous
  • ridiculous
  • rubbish (noun or adjective)
  • self-important, self-absorbed, selfish

noun, personal

Alternatives for "idiot", "moron", "retard":

  • asshole
  • buffoon
  • jerk
  • nincompoop
  • poltroon
  • twit

noun, abstract

Alternatives for "stupidity", "idiocy":

  • buffoonery
  • bullshit
  • fatuity
  • rubbish (noun or adjective)
  • tripe


  • douchebag (douchenozzle, douchewipe) - shames sex and female reproductive organs


  • 2018-11-16 ableist language (thread) (h/t for suggesting several of the adjectives here)
  • 2016-01-19 One crucial word: "amathia"; also goes into multiple German words typically translated as "stupidity"
  • Bonhoeffer on stupidity (entire quote): "Taken from a circular letter, addressing many topics, written to three friends and co-workers in the conspiracy against Hitler, on the tenth anniversary of Hitler's accession to the chancellorship of Germany."