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About (SSorg) is a web site ostensibly intended to address a supposed deficit in physical site survey data for United States Historical Climatological Network (USHCN) and Global Historical Climatological Network (GHCN) surface stations. was founded in 2007 by weathercaster and climate change skeptic Anthony Watts.


The site's about page cites a 1999 US National Research Council study which supposedly "concluded that the ability to monitor the global climate was inadequate and deteriorating." The site then makes the further statement that the situation remains the same, ten years later, but gives no source or argument to support this claim.

A January 2010 study showed that the data from the "bad" surface stations identified by SSorg actually shows a cooling trend, which completely undermines the SSorg's argument that these stations are responsible for false indications of global warming. As of 2010-04-01, SSorg does not appear to have responded to this finding.