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The idea is a good start and candidate for strawman design. Please communicate the over all design direction to determine the rough sketch that can be created with the initial intention of discarding it - but can surely encourage discussion to identify the key aspects in the design process and to generate better business model alternatives to re-sketch something open, practical and concrete to implement.

Great Work! Raju G Ramachandra


What I get from this is:

  • This is a good initial draft for criticizing & building a better one later
  • Need more details about the overall design, including identification of key aspects
  • Approval overall ("great work")

If I'm understanding that right, then thank you... and I will see if I can be more specific and concrete, and perhaps lay out a first-cut suggestion for how best to either (a) move an existing business towards OBM, or (b) start a new business on OBM principles. My main shortcoming here is that I have no formal business training; most of my business knowledge is from personal self-employment experience (to make a very long story short), so I am largely depending on others to supply details of how larger, more successful businesses are run. --Woozle 09:57, 15 February 2007 (EST)


anonymous user originally posted this in the "Implementation" section on the main article. I've moved it here for further discussion until it's clear how it fits in. 09:05, 21 October 2007 (EDT)

It is probably logical that at first specific business activities are prone for opening up. One such an activity is marketing or more specific catalog marketing in indirect channels. For this an Open Catalogue Open ICEcat is developed in co-operation with more than 100 technology brands, which is now used by 1000s of channel partners of these brands in all major language areas. It is pure business logic (reduce data-entry costs, increase usage of the original and complete product information) in combination with a "fundamentalistic twitch" for open content/open source that has ignited the initial spark.

Woozle responds

I'm not saying this doesn't belong in the article, but I'm trying to understand how it does. Can you tell me more about Open ICEcat, e.g. how is it "open"? Is there an "about" page for the project? How is it different from other comparison shopping sites such as PriceWatch? Comparison shopping is definitely a step towards more open business practices, so perhaps further discussion of this is needed – but it's also an external force, and the primary question is (at least, I think it is) how we can use such tools to get the companies to change internally.

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