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IRC transcript020:21, 19 December 2012

IRC transcript

("Last imgur" refers to this:

<TheWoozle> Response to last imgur:
<Cyberegg> hahahaha
<Cyberegg> what a retarded site:
<Cyberegg> "This further implies a principle that assistance must always come from the next rung up the latter, ra"
<TheWoozle> Well, doesn't it?
<Cyberegg> any time i see shit that simple done wrong on a site thats supposed to be giving you *better* advice about something...
<LoneCrowe> The way I look at it, is that America became wealthy by the sweat of its own brow,  and has only been around 200 years,  while africa has been around for thousands and still can't get their shit together
<Cyberegg> well, its a conflict of interest for me to follow the guidance of someone demonstrably inferior, intellectually speaking
<TheWoozle> Africa wasn't "poor" until Europe started looting it.
<LoneCrowe> Yeah colonialism did mess things up
<LoneCrowe> But nothing really is stopping them from creating their own industry, create their own products etc,  other than the banking industry and corruption at the top
<LoneCrowe> constant infighting,  
<TheWoozle> Isn't that enough?
<LoneCrowe> Naw you create something withe a demand you'll become wealthy and powerful and could prosper, pay off the right people.. employ people etc it just doesn't happen in Africa
Woozle (talk)19:43, 19 December 2012