Children did die under Clinton

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The claim being argued against here can be more precisely phrased as: Clinton's lies did not result in any deaths.

The counter-claims here (in support of the idea that "Yes, Clinton's lies did in fact result in deaths") seem to be:

  1. Clinton lied about WMDs.
  2. Operation Desert Fox was an attempt to distract attention from Clinton's bad behavior.
  3. Clinton lied under oath.
  4. Clinton's lying under oath was illegal.
  5. Clinton's withholding of evidence in the Lewinsky case:
    • was an attempt to impede the process of law
    • forced Lewinksy to submit a false affadavit.
    • allowed Clinton to prolong his own testimony in Jones vs. Clinton.
  6. Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky proves that he had a past of extramarital affairs.
  7. Clinton's history of extramarital affairs was crucial evidence for Jones.

Addressing these claims in order:

  1. To the best of my recollection, Clinton never claimed there were WMDs or used the existence of WMDs as justification for initiating hostilities. Is there evidence that he did?
  2. Two responses to this:
    • The same people who made this claim at the time later claimed he wasn't serious about going after Osama.
    • Who cares about his stupid extramarital affairs? That was the distraction -- initiated by the Republicans and spearheaded by Newt Gingrich, hypocrite supreme -- who was having an affair while one of his three wives was in the hospital dying of cancer. Meanwhile, Bill has remained loyal to Hillary -- and she to him -- despite his indescretions; their marriage should be the envy of every "pro-marriage" conservative, not a target for derision. They have absolutely no business criticizing him on that issue -- and even if they had firm moral ground to stand on, it's irrelevant to the proper running of a country; see this discussion for more.
  3. His lying under oath was entirely related to his extramarital affairs, from which no deaths resulted.
  4. This does not support the claim that Clinton's lies resulted in deaths.
  5. Neither does this.
  6. Neither does this.
  7. Neither does this.

I'm not sure what rational point, if any, the last four items are intended to support; they certainly don't have anything to do with the claim that Clinton's lying (which was entirely about his personal life) resulted in deaths.

Woozle13:15, 21 May 2011