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May, 2022 elections in Indiana, United States

US elections

May, 2022



Indiana held primaries on May 3.


  • 2022-05-03 Republican Candidate Charged with Murdering Cancer-Stricken Wife Wins Primary from Jail «Andrew Wilhoite won a Republican primary in Indiana on Tuesday night after being arrested in the murder of his wife Nikki Wilhoite, who had just finished her last round of chemotherapy.»
    • Apparently Wilhoite has essentially confessed to the murder:
      • 2022-03-28 Farmer charged with murder in wife's death «Police interviewed Andrew, 39, at the Boone County Jail in Lebanon and, after consulting with his attorney, Andrew volunteered that Nikki attacked him and yelled at him to leave the house, but he pushed her out the front door instead, according to the affidavit. / On the porch, she charged at him and he struck her face with a gallon-sized concrete flowerpot with dirt in it, the affidavit reads. She fell to the ground and he didn’t know what to do, so he put her into his pickup truck, ISP Detective Adam Buell reported. / "Andrew was asked if Elizabeth was still breathing, and Andrew stated he didn’t know because he didn’t check," according to the affidavit, which continues, "... Andrew described that he drove to a bridge over the creek and threw her over the wall and into the creek."»