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It has been widely agreed for many years that the US healthcare system is in need of some kind of reform. Due to the vast inefficiencies of the existing US system, which among the wealthy/industrialized nations has both some of the highest per-capita costs and lowest service quality, most liberals and a few conservatives agree that a major overhaul is needed.

The majority of conservatives are generally against a major reform and instead favor regulatory changes to improve the existing system, keeping it both "competitive" (a code-word meaning "profitable to investors" and "big-business friendly") and "uniquely American" (a meaningless phrase in this context, since any solution would be dealing with the "uniquely American" style of government and healthcare infrastructure, thus making it "uniquely American" regardless).






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  • 2016-06-22 [L..T] The most overrated intellect in Washington "So Ryan's latest health care package is at war with itself. It rails against top-down decrees from Washington, all while imposing a structure on states that would effectively neuter their insurance laws. And it's only the latest in a comedy of errors that includes a proposal to phase out Medicare and an accidental effort to nationalize the means of production. Nor are these the only examples of Ryan's allergic response to math – we haven't even discussed the multi-trillion dollar "magic asterisk" Ryan relies upon to pay for his tax proposals."

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