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It is a wee humble page. But it is mine, all mine!

I write and blog at a number of locations. Came to know Woozle through Google Plus, and eventually got shanghaied into Issuepedia and other projects....

Hot Buttons

You can generally get me all cranked up on the topics of:

  • Economics. Especially orthodox neoclassical / neoclassical synthesis vs. "true" economics, which I find most likely to be something resembling Environmental economics, Thermoeconomics, or Biophysical economics (there's considerable overlap between them, some might say they're all but the same).
  • Population. Numbers. Numbers of souls.
  • Limits to growth.
  • Sustainability and Collapse. Twin sides of a coin.
  • Energy. The capacity for change.
  • Resources. Useful things. Will be used. Less later.
  • Institutions. Social, commercial, and governmental establishments which help sustain society. Government, the press, banks, courts, the law, schooling (primary, secondary, collegiate, graduate, vocational), and banking are all institutions.
  • Models. How we view and understand the world. Frames. Economics, sociology, psychology,
  • Power. The capacity to convince or compel others to do your bidding (or for others to convince or compel you to do theirs).
  • Dissipative systems. Thermodynamically open systems operating far from thermodynamic equilibrium in an environment with which it exchanges energy and matter. The most interesting of these are subject to variation and selection, and can create complex internal structures with the aim of maximizing total power and entropic throughput. They describe virtually everything we encounter.
  • Bullshit. That which ain't so.
  • Technology. Useful order which increases efficiencies or capabilities.

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I use and encourage use of GPG / PGP.

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