User:Woozle/2008-06-22 webmail to David Price opposing Iran blockade

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The following email was submitted via this web site. After entering my zipcode, the system identified David Price as my representative.

Boilerplate text is in italics. The rest is original.

Just after sending it, I realized I'd forgotten to make the point that we were perfectly able to overthrow an earlier Iran regime without resorting to war, so why is war necessary now? This is what I get for trying to do this stuff when there are distractions going on. Of course, there are almost always distractions...

And ugh, wish I could fix "starting another a new war while we are already deeply overextended in another war".


As a constituent, I write to ask you to oppose H. Con. Res. 362. I am relieved to see that you are not a cosponsor of the resolution.

I'll leave off the rest of the boilerplate text (which I'm sure you've seen elsewhere) and just make the following points:

1. Starting another war while we are already deeply overextended in another war (Iraq), with no end in sight, is absolutely insane. (Especially given how poorly that war has been planned at the topmost levels.)

2. Starting a war with Iran when intelligence reports are that it is not a threat is clearly not in our best interests as a nation and seems very much like a move calculated to benefit some special group (including war profiteers who are already rich enough, thanks) to the detriment of American security and welfare.

3. Allowing a president who has been shown untrustworthy and deceptive to initiate any sort of significant action is an extremely bad idea.

4. Allowing the US to start a war without UN consent (or any kind of international consensus) is an extremely bad idea.

My immediate reaction, when I first heard the rumors that Bush wanted to attack Iran, was "but that would be utterly insane!". I have not been able to find any information to persuade myself otherwise.

Please oppose this measure to the fullest of your ability.