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text as sent

As a constituent, I write to ask you to do all that is in your power to oppose H.Con.Res. 362, the bill that effectively calls for a blockade of Iran. I am relieved to see that you are not a co-sponsor of this resolution.

I don't know what reality Washington has been transported into lately, but in *this* reality -- which is, unfortunately, affected by the decisions you guys make -- the following salient facts should be considered carefully:

(1) we are already seriously overextended militarily
(2) as a consequence of poor-to-nonexistent planning and oversight in Iraq, we are also more overextended economically than we have ever been
(3) the intelligence community has already reported that Iran is not a serious threat at this time
(4) the last time we wanted regime change in Iran, we did it without a war
(5) the arguments being used for war on Iran are the same sorts of arguments which got us into the present wonderful situation with regard to Iraq, as discussed above

Please don't let Mr. Bush finish the job of trashing the country on his way out the door. He has already done a remarkably thorough job, and should be congratulated... by whoever might have wanted that job done (not me).