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canned text

"Attorney General Holder, it is your duty to uphold the constitution and protect the rule of law. The evidence before you demands that you launch an investigation into possible crimes committed under the Bush administration and to prosecute if warranted. This investigation must not be limited to low-level foot soldiers, but should seek justice at the highest levels. Assign a prosecutor to investigate torture and do not rule out as targets architects of the Bush administration's torture program including former Vice President Dick Cheney and his legal adviser David Addington."

my additional notes

I've become really, really tired of all this "let's look forward, not back" nonsense. Sure, let's look forward to the future we'll have if we let criminals get away with anything just because they were our "leaders". It's no better than a factory which illegally dumps toxic waste saying "let's not look back at the toxic waste we just dumped, let's look forward to all the lovely products we've manufactured", or an arsonist saying "let's not look back at all the houses I burned down, let's look forward to all the new houses we can build on those vacant lots".

It is this administration's responsibility and sacred trust to investigate the alleged misdeeds of the previous administration. This is why we elected Mr. Obama so overwhelmingly -- not so he could give legitimacy to Bushco's pathetic excuses.

If they are truly innocent, an investigation will determine this; until then, they will remain guilty in the eyes of the majority of the public (including myself), and glossing over the very real and substantial accusations behind this will tarnish the reputation of this administration (and indeed the US) in the eyes of the world.