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The Brass Tacks

Before planning a battle, it's important to know what your resources are. This will determine what strategies you have available.

  • who is involved/interested, and to what degree?
  • what are people's strengths and specialties: ideas? strategizing? networking? business/financial management?
  • what kind of resources (financial and otherwise) does each person have that they are willing to make available for revolutionary purposes (and under what conditions)?
  • where are we located geographically? (exact addresses optional)

The important part of this, though, is who are we?

  • Who else can I talk to when I want to brainstorm or suggest a plan or philosophize?
  • Who is willing to be involved, under various conditions, if there's action to take?
  • If something is (or could be) happening in a certain geographical area, who might be nearby?
  • What particular strengths and talents do individuals among us possess that might be helpful towards our common goals?

There are more questions that could be asked, but those are probably the most important ones.

  • To do: create a "resource profile" questionnaire that people can answer on their user pages in The Revolutionary Bar & Library.
  • To do: find some way of aggregating individual answers into (a) a searchable resource directory and (b) summary statistics. (Any other geeks in the seed group?)

Legitimate Government In Exile

I wrote an entire section grousing about everything the grassroots organizations aren't doing, but I think that was more a roundabout way of getting to this:

A society -- populace and government -- is made up of individuals. We don't need specially-anointed individuals (be they "politicians" or lizards) to run things for us. We can work together as a self-governing people.

If our official government is broken, we need to think in terms of building a new one -- even if all we're doing is building replacement control modules for an existing vehicle of statecraft, and then overpowering the hijackers who have wrecked the old control modules. (...though it wouldn't hurt to start designing a new vehicle -- and then go ahead and build it so we have a backup... but that's looking quite a bit ahead.)

We are all the legitimate government, the legitimate owners, of the United States of America. The difference between us and the official government is that they have an operating organizational structure for governance, and we don't. We need to build one for ourselves -- a better one -- if we're going to carefully pry their fingers off the wheel and regain control.

Taking stock of what we have to work with is an essential early step towards building the foundation of that structure.