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originally posted on Nextdoor: politics


title: "conservatives": what's good legislation? (take 2)

Joanne has agreed[1], if I'm understanding correctly, that the following is a reasonable methodology for political discussion:

[quote] We all state our viewpoints -- take a stand for what we each believe in. We engage in critical thinking to look at how we each arrived at different conclusions, share information and evidence, and hope to emerge with a better understanding of where our differences are -- and hopefully with fewer differences. [/quote]

In view of this endorsement, I'll repost something I wrote back at the beginning of August[2]:

[quote] Spinning off of Philip M.'s recent comment in another thread[3], let me ask the conservative-identified folk here:

Can you give an example of some enacted legislation of which you approve? Why do you like it? What goal do you believe it accomplishes? [/quote]

1. 2. 3.


2021-09-16 ~12:00 Jane Bozarth

Day 4: Crickets.

2021-09-16 ~13:00 Woozle

Maybe I should make this more of a challenge: I'd like to see proof that the Republican platform is anything other than basically 'preventing progress at any cost'.

2021-09-16 ~18:00 Rosie Rosenbrock

Speaking for myself and my experience in this group, this is nothing more than bait. Not an honest attempt at discussion. I'll pass, thank you.

2021-09-16 ~18:55 Woozle


Rosie, the progressives here are willing to stand up for what we believe in, even knowing that it will be ignored or dismissed or ridiculed by those of you on the other side -- because that's what has happened, over and over again.

Why don't you have the same courage?

I can only think it's because on some level, you know you don't have a leg to stand on.

Let it be known that we gave you every opportunity to be open about what you really want -- TWICE, at least -- and you declined.

So now we know you truly are not participating in good faith; "conservative" ideology stands revealed for the substanceless sham that it is.

Feel free to prove me wrong by answering my question honestly -- but I don't expect that you will.