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  • abolish ICE, TSA
  • abolish concentration camps (put it in the Constitution if needed)
  • free universal healthcare
  • universal income
  • outlaw prison-time for nonviolent offenders
  • outlaw for-profit prisons
  • treat nonviolent crime as a symptom to be treated
  • free food for anyone who needs it
  • Housing reform:
    • free housing for the homeless
    • renting:
      • short-term: universal protections for renters
      • medium-term: universal housing guarantee
    • ownership:
      • minimal reform: if you own a home, you cannot be evicted for any reason. (e.g.)
      • property taxes should be scaled to income, and much lower for owner-occupied homes
    • long-term: eliminate the housing market.
  • Taxation:
    • required: no more regressive taxation (e.g. no more caps on payroll tax, healthcare tax)
    • better: only progressive taxes; eliminate sales tax
    • stretch goal: tax excessive wealth out of existence
  • de-criminalize sex work
  • eliminate the Electoral College
  • national voting standards
    • that don't penalize people with no fixed address
    • that don't penalize by race
  • co-operatize at least all businesses over some size TBD
    • One idea: National Sovereign Fund
      • For every stock issue, an equal amount must be placed in the Fund
  • reform plasma-donation rules to be based on science rather than anti-LGBTQ stigma
  • revisit every executive order Trump ever made for possible revocation
  • Reform ISP regulation:
    • no more regional monopolies/duopolies
    • no state laws prohibiting muni ISPs
    • no ISP spying for copyright industry

Low-Priority but also Easy

  • eliminate daylight saving time