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Notes for Videos to Record

bullying and Tr*mp

Tish said:

Hi Woozle, just one thing I would like to say is that

I don’t feel it is doing any good or positive thing to call people names (Trumperdinck fans, Trumpsterfire etc that you used above). When I see this I immediately shut my mind and didn't care to hear anything else a person is saying.

I don’t agree with calling Biden or Obama or Bush etc. names either. We should have a little more respect for people (they also have families that these ugly names hurt).

Everyone is talking about how we can’t say this or that because someone may be offended ... I am offended when I hear people mock others and use their names in ugly ways. I may be personally VERY sensitive with this as I was bullied and teased growing up due to name calling. It was very hurtful and I don’t care to hear it said about others.

If you want to have a conversation about former President Trump and /or his supporters go ahead. But don’t call people names. It really only makes YOU look bad, but that is my 2 cents.

  • I've been bullied too, and sometimes the only way you can get back at bullies is name-calling and ridicule.
    • Durham Academy: "gay"/"fag"/"homo". England: "queer"
  • Bullying is a thing that punches down -- those with power use it against the vulnerable, as a way of proving their power or their membership in the powerful group.
  • King Donaeld the Unready was never vulnerable. He was born rich, and ruthlessly used his privilege to keep from suffering the consequences of his acts.
  • Tromp made fun of handicapped people, incited hatred towards Asian people and trans people (he's still doing it!), urged his followers to physically abuse people who didn't agree with him...

Just no.

You were comparing Trump with a victim, and of course we should have compassion for victims -- but he isn't the victim. He is a professional bully.