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i found proof god exists its the 9 planets in order from 1 to 9 spelled downward matching the 1st to 7th letters up first line says EMJSU MESUJ message spelled scrambled 3rd 4th and 5thline says TAP U CUTSI UN T(THE)TUSH theres 11 empty squares in a 6 block 2 block 3 single 1 block sequence how do you pick 11 letters out the alphabet when theres 5 vowels 21 consanants i picked the cut down the center left and right folded letters that the lines match up you have to use capital letters theres 11 only A M O HI TUVWXY there also in a 6 block 2 block 3 single 1 block sequence fill in the empty squres with these letters it says TAP U CUTSI UN T(THE)TUSHI TRU(TRUE)U(YOU)O(OWE)RAYVEN SNX (SCENOPLUX A DATE) YUH WROTEM theres 3 seven lettered planets the numbers 3 and 7 3rg planet is earth 7th uranus you ran us 9 planets discovered in 9 years and a tenth alphabet ten people in ten different years from 1600's to 1980 its a prediction the bible made revalations chptr 3 vrse 8 were placing an open door in front of you noone can shut this is the open door noone can shut the second coming of christ


This is actually proof of Poe's Law, if it's proof of anything... --Woozle 13:59, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

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