Weaver Street Market/2008 Election Task Force

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A special task force to examine questions surrounding the 2007 Board elections was proposed by employee-owner Geoff Gilson (GG) in 2007 in two emails to Weaver Street Market Board Chair Jacob Myers (one, two). In November of 2007, the Weaver Street Market Board of Directors agreed to convene a task force consisting of worker-owners and consumer-owners to consider and report the Board on issues in two areas:

  • options for the creation of a clear set of rules for Board elections
  • potential strategies for increasing voter turnout

The task force began meeting in late January of 2008, and met weekly for seven weeks (notes from the meetings are available online, below).

Management accepted the preliminary report and then disbanded the Commission without issuing a final report.1




  • Weaver Street Market Forum: a forum set up by Consumer-Owners Jamie Bort and his wife Sarah Kahn and offered to the WSM Board as a venue for discussion. The Board has yet to comment on this (whether to accept it, to criticize it, or to offer an alternative).




  • 1. 2011-05-26 f2f meeting with Geoff Gilson