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A wiki is any type of web site where inability to edit the contents is the exception rather than the rule. Exceptions are usually made either for certain types of edit (wikispam), for certain users who consistently violate the site's editorial policy, or for certain pages which tend to attract vandalism.

The term "wiki" is also obliquely used to refer to a collaborative philosophy ("the wiki way") with a very flat social hierarchy, where users gain the consensual authority for any controversial actions through informal dialogue with their collaborative peers.

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  • 2008-07-23 [Talk|Index] Wikipedia, Meet Knol § [2]“Seven months after Google began testing a service called Knol, a Wikipedia competitor, the company on Wednesday finally introduced it. .. The search expert Danny Sullivan aptly describes Knol as “Like Wikipedia, With Moderation.” Articles on various topics are penned by individuals, and in many cases, experts — not collectively by the anonymous masses. Knol authors can choose to benefit from the “wisdom of the crowds” by letting others edit or supplement their articles. But those changes make it into Knol entries only with the author’s permission.”