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  • link: http://plures.org/2011/07/28/noel-about-google-minus/
  • title: About "Google Minus."
  • author: Noël Dawkins
  • when: 2011-07-28
  • summary: How does this affect me? As a member of a plural system, I would technically not be allowed to sign up as "Noël Dawkins," even though I prefer to use my own name online, rather than presenting as the "front identity." I would probably not be banned, as my name looks like a name, rather than an actual pseudonym, but it would technically be against their strict community guidelines. I suppose that I could simply sign up under the front identity (disclosure: we have already done so), but there is a difference between social networking under that guise, and social networking as myself.
  • topics: Google+/policy/naming plural system